Saturday, June 20, 2020

Change the Chrome User Agent

Are you wanting to test your site with a different user agent? You can change the user agent in the Chrome Dev Tools. 

Open and Select User Agent
It's simple to open up and change the network conditions in the Chrome Developer Tools. What you do is find the network conditions and set the user agent. 

1. Open the Chrome Developer Tools. 
2. Open the Menu. (From the top menu, click on more tools then... From the console menu, click on 'Network conditions.' )
3. Find and Select 'Network conditions'
4. In the user agent un-select 'Select automatically'.
5. In the custom agent list, select a user agent

Find the 'Network conditions' in the menu:

Find the 'Network conditions' in the menu:
      (Click on the animated gif for a larger view...)

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