Sunday, May 17, 2009

Social Collaboration Through Applications State Reference

I have wrote two applications with over 20,000 lines of code. Events are critical to observe and interact with. I think the wild card for me most of the time is, how much of the applications state do I want to put into the link so it can be referenced back to. The applications current state could be stated in the link to some extent. So far I have decided not to put the entire applications state of view in the link.

Although working at Verizon and deploying the an application into a enterprise environment, has made me think twice about this. It's the social sharing part where a url link is important. Since enterprise environments exist over multiple localities and the application span multiple work groups, sharing is critical because everybody has a different take on what they may see, so collaboration is needed and a url link stating the other persons seeing is needed. Especially in my case, where I use my application for metrics where applications state is constantly collaborated on.

For instance, in my metrics system, there are about 20 filters that set criteria for the charts drawn on the page. This could be set in the link but every time you add an parameter into the link, user readability and possibility of reference back to degrades. Some email clients will cut off the link in correctly. But user readability add to simplicity and simplicity adds to efficiency.

What would be the best way to save the applications state via a link? This will need more research.

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