Saturday, July 25, 2020

Building your Flutter App on Travis CI

It is simple to configure Travis CI Building your Flutter Application on Travis CI. All you have to do is add a build manifest file named .travis.yml which includes the build server instructions. 

Travis CI Yaml Configuration
See Travis CI yaml reference for more options. In the .travis.yml build instructions 3 steps are needed to build a flutter application. 
  1. Use a dart Docker container, "language: dart"
  2. Download Flutter, "git clone ..."
  3. Export the Flutter binary path, "export PATH..."
Example .travis.yml configuration
In this example flutter beta branch is used along with the web configuration.

# File: .travis.yml
# Reference:
language: dart
  - stable

  - echo "Configure Flutter"
  - git clone -b beta
  - export PATH="$PATH:`pwd`/flutter/bin"
  - flutter upgrade
  - flutter config --enable-web
  - flutter doctor

  - flutter build web

Example Project
Check out an example project config here which uses Travis CI to build the Flutter web app. 

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