Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pushing Forward

Saturday, my development day. I set out to write more code and move the project forward at every possible chance I get. I keep finding it takes a huge amount of initiative and will power when I sit down during these sessions to write code. Today, my right arm, pointer and index finger muscles are burning from dragging on the mouse track pad all week. I am also suffering some kind of back injury from working out side a month ago and this is creating some tingling in the same arm and leg. Even though I suffer from aches, pains and tiredness, I strive to code on and try my best to move forward. Yet, second guessing and questioning occurs twice as much when the labor seems 10 times as hard and pushing though this is a challenge but not impossible. Small incremental task achievements are critical for me during theses stages to push through.

Today I did make progress despite all my pain in the arm and back. I'm making progress with GoneVertical integration into my core-engine. Someday I hope to look back and say, it was good to keep pushing on despite everything.

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