Monday, May 3, 2010

Intel X-25e SSD For MySQL Database

I setup two servers a master and a slave with 3 Intel  X-25e SSD 64GB hard drives each in a Raid 0 configuration on Dell Poweredge Servers. I use them at Verizon for one of the sales metrics applications.

I use a Ubuntu, Apache Tomcat with MySQL and the Google Web Toolkit to serve up the app. With Java's concurrency I can multi-thread queries concurrently data stored on these drives very quickly. I can easily hit 3000+ concurrent SQL seeks load balanced which is around 6000+ seeks a second to both servers at the same time. The web server and 2 database servers are AMD 64bit 8 core, can't remember all the stats.

I think the only thing that I can bog down the server are range queries like SELECT UserId FROM employee WHERE UserId IN (SELECT UserId FROM employee_data WHERE value='b').  Changing the sql to a join query fixes this. Seeking an entire record set is no problem and even better is seeking a multi-milion indexed record set. Talk about a kick in the pants.

Another worthy note is how fast it takes to dump a database on these. A 10GB  takes around a minute, and maybe less than 30 minutes to load. Where as, on 15k rpms raid 5, I noticed it takes around an hour or more.

Moving files around on these bad boys is ridiculously fast.

These hard drives overall are impressive and I am not sure I have hit there limit yet to what they can do. There lot of fun to work with.
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